Mark-John & Patti Clifford

Mark-John & Patti Clifford

A newsletter with everything going on in mind. How can a newsletter accomplish covering everything? Well, maybe we're not covering everything, but I bet we'll cover a good part of everything!

Patti and I want to bring you the best of what life and this world of ours offers. It may be about animals and their lives and rights. Or maybe it's about the latest food trends and or recipes we try. Maybe it will be our own cooking we highlight, which I must say we do a great job at!

There's business, technology, politics (very little), travel, social media, and whatever else we include in this newsletter informative to you our readers, considering you are the most important part of this newsletter and we value that.

So grab a coffee, tea, or whatever floats your boat and read along for the ride.
Mark & Patti

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